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The tolerance of the part size reflects the ease of processing, that means level of processing accuracy, it is the main basis for the development of processing technology.The tolerance range for hole shaft is generally 5 µm. Products below this tolerance, such as 3 µm and 2 µm, are called precision grade.

Application Industry

As mentioned above, due to the high processing difficulty, reflecting the value of the part, its application is more specific to the industry, and the product is highly used in the electronic industry, optical industry, semiconductor industry and automation, etc.

  1. High precision: coaxiality within 3μm, roundness within 1.5μm, surface roughness within Ra0.
  2. Tolerance selection: For precision grade products, the fit clearance must be controlled at 2.5~4.5μm. In order to meet the needs of customers, the required clearance range can be provided to the salesman at the time of ordering and adjusted as needed.
  3. Lead time: All parts are in stock and can be shipped within five working days after the customer selects the type of product.
  4. 100% inspection: each product needs to go through strict gate-keeping before it can go to the next process, and finally finish packaging, then delivered to customers.
  5. Packaging way: In order to prevent collision in transit, which may slight scratches or scars on the surface of the product, the product is shipped in wax seal, which not only prevents collision but also extends the storage time of the product.
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