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High rigidity-Can be use with any guide bushing set according to the application˙Guide post outer diameter 12~25˙Guide post all quench˙Guide post material SUJ2

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Ex Order.
HWS002 16 132 23 37 24 35
| | | | | | |
Model External diameter of guide post D Length of guide post L Length of guide bushing L3 Length of guide bushing L4 Length of ball retainer L5 Length of ball retainer L6
  1. The application increases the overall life of the corrugated molds by 3 to 5 times.
  2. High guide post life and reduced costs.
  3. The chamfer f8 is facilitates centering.
  4. Super Finish。

Preicision Guide Set with Flange
Guide Set with Flange Guide post Ball retainer
Material SUJ2 Bearing steel Material of retainer Aluminium
Hardness 62±2HRC
Smoothness below Ra0.1 Material of steel ball SUJ2 Bearing steel
High-frequency quenching、sub-zero treatment、depth 1.5+2mm Overall quenching、Sub-zero treatment
Tolerance size 2μm Surface Treatment (Black oxide) Steel Ball Levels JIS LV5
Please select the external diameter D, length L of guide post, length L3/L4 of guide bushing, and ball retainer L5/L6, and then check the selected specifications again.

D L L3&L4 L5&L6 D1 d L1 L2 B T
12 90 23/37/47/60 20/28/36/42 28 16 50 40 12 6
12 120 23/37/47/60 20/28/36/42 28 16 50 40 12 6
16 132 23/30/37/47/60 24/35/42/52/65 38 22 70 62 16 8
16 152 23/30/37/47/60 24/35/42/52/65 38 22 90 62 16 8
16 180 23/30/37/47/60 24/35/42/52/65 38 22 90 90 16 8
19 160 37/47/57/60/69/77 35/43/50/57/65/72 42 25 90 70 20 8
19 180 37/47/57/60/69/77 35/43/50/57/65/72 42 25 110 70 20 8
19 210 37/47/57/60/69/77 35/43/50/57/65/72 42 25 110 100 20 8
25 170 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 53 31 85 85 25 12
25 200 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 48 31 100 100 22 8
25 200 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 53 31 100 100 25 12
25 212 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 53 31 140 72 25 12
25 230 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 53 31 120 110 25 12
25 254 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 53 31 140 114 25 12
25 275 47/60/69/77/95 43/52/60/67/84 53 31 160 115 25 12

Special structural design of precision cross-shaped stripping plate guide pillar group

The special introduction structure design of the guide post and guide bush adopts the shortest stroke introduction design to avoid unnecessary loss of lead length and increase the effective running distance of the product. When the guide post, guide bush and steel ball bushing come into contact, the impact is greatly reduced. It also significantly increases the service life of the steel ball bushing and reduces the risk of slipping. Handway's steel ball bushings use special riveting technology and conduct various tests on the riveting points to ensure that the product will not detach during operation. This increases the extraction force of the product and also avoids the risk of the steel ball detaching. . Guide posts, guide bushings and steel ball bushings all have unified quality requirements in the production process. The products are highly interchangeable and have been tested for a long time and can run 2,000 times per minute.

Stroke design of steel ball bushing and guide bushing

Since the product is operated with preloading, when designing the length of the steel ball bushing and guide bushing, it must be considered that the steel ball bushing has only half the stroke, as shown in Figure 2-2-1. In order to avoid the Sliding, under load conditions, the preloaded steel ball bushing must keep 50% of its length inside the guide bushing, because the load at this time is carried by 50% of the steel balls in the guide bushing. The running stroke is determined by the length of the guide bushing. Preloading can prevent the steel ball bushing from sliding when no force is applied, and preloading also affects the rigidity, load-bearing capacity, smooth operation and service life of the product. These characteristics are compared with each other. For example: high preloading will increase rigidity, but Will reduce load carrying capacity.

Installation method

1. The mounting holes for the guide posts and guide bushes must be drilled and ground.

2. In order to reach the benchmark of the metal plate, a hole can be made for the benchmark pin to pass through.

3. When installing the guide pillar, confirm the right angle (0.01mm/100mm or less).

4. To install the steel ball bushing, place a parallel block on the stripping plate, place the template and slide the steel ball bushing. Please refer to Figure 2-3-1 to confirm whether there is any obstruction.

The principle of super fine polishing process

Ultra-fine polishing/Ultra-precision polishing is a method of physical polishing; it refers to using special abrasive tools to press the workpiece on the workpiece in a polishing fluid containing abrasives for various materials such as optical parts, quartz oscillators, and glass. On the processing surface, it performs high-speed rotational motion. Its characteristic lies in the application of polishing method to process workpieces with high precision, high smoothness, and low surface damage layer. This technology can achieve a surface roughness of Ra0.008μm, which is the highest among various polishing methods. This method is often used for optical lens molds.

Features of super fine polishing

  • Super fine polishing of free-form surfaces possible
  • Under the microscope 100 times, the surface still has no polishing marks.
  • Can effectively reduce surface roughness and control Ra value
  • Effectively reduce waviness (Wa)
  • It can accurately maintain the fine shape of the workpiece after polishing.
  • Suitable for various materials, such as: electrolytic nickel, copper, aluminum, tungsten steel and mold steel, etc.

The difference between super fine polishing and polishing

Polishing is a process that uses physical machinery, chemicals and other methods to reduce the surface roughness of an object and achieve a modification effect.Polishing technology is mainly used in precision machinery, optical industry and other fields. The purpose of polishing is not to improve the size or geometric accuracy of the workpiece, but to obtain a smooth surface and mirror gloss. From this we know that the biggest difference between the two is that in addition to better surface roughness, super fine polishing will not produce scratches or ripples on the surface. It can be chosen for products with high precision requirements and a low surface damage layer. Ultra-fine polishing for final processing.

Data comparison before and after super polishing

Table 3-3-1 is a comparison of data before and after super-fine polishing. It can be seen that the data before super-fine polishing is already at a certain level. After super-fine polishing, the data is more perfect. However, it can also be known from the data that to achieve a better Perfect surface roughness, the finished surface of the product before super-fine polishing, is also very important. The better the surface roughness data of the finished product in the previous process, the more optimized the product will be after super-fine polishing.

Super fine polishing Forward Back
Ra 0.085 0.026
RMax 1.050 0.320
Ry 0.855 0.264
Rz 0.912 0.212


Unit: μm

Inspection equipment: Tokyo Precision Surface Roughness Tester

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